Just Two Weeks in the Artist Way Left and only One Week Until the Open Studio

It’s the last day of January….hard to believe… and as we move into February things are in high gear preparing for the upcoming Second Annual Open Studio Tour and the final two weeks of Finding Water. Many thanks to Julie Mignard for being the guest facilitator for the theme of Safety. Next week Carolina will be the guest leader for the theme of Discipline. The final theme is Of course the umbrella theme of Perserverence where we will once again honour a special patron saint, St. Valentine with a special wrap up potluck fiesta where guests are welcome. So ‘save the date’ as they say and consider a special offering in honour of the hearts and flowers saint much beloved by people of all ages on February 13th.

At this time I am  pleased to announce that I will be passing the Artist Way ‘torch’ back to Julie Mignard who would like to gather the ‘tribe’ once more to go through another 12 Week program together  for Julia Cameron’s newest book, ‘The Prosperous Heart.’ She will take over this blog after I head back to Canada on February 28th.

I am also happy to announce that I won’t have to go through Artist Way withdrawal as the minister of the Unity Church in Nanaimo, British Columbia has looked at what we’ve been doing south of the order and has offered me a listing in their spring programming. I will be revisiting either the first book, ‘The Artist Way’ or ‘Walking in the World.’ It’s always good to keep up the momentum now that I’ve finally overcome most of the resistance to writing out those three pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing. Other writers like Sarah Breathnach of ‘Simple Abundance’ call them other things like Daily Dialogre. Call them what you will but the discipline of writing those three pages has been both a struggle, a surprise and a gift we make to myself each morning as ae capture random thoughts floating through our ‘monkey minds’ to use the Buddhist expression.


Vision/ Treasure Hunt Boards

One mixed media project that was suggested this week is something that Oprah and many others have been using for years. They are called many things but basically it is a place where you collect and collage visual elements that you wish to attract into your life in the new year. I wanted to put together one earlier but as its still fairly early in January I put together two boards. The first pictures here was not immediately glued down which was a mistake as a few images were blown off during last Thursday’s windstorm but luckily I did take a picture of it. Yesterday I put together a bigger version on a canvas board that WILL fit in my outgoing suitcase which of course is a consideration for this snowbird. Ill post a picture of this one as I send my intentions into the universe.image

Part Two for Finding Water

After a bit of a lag regarding uploading from my IPad, imagethings at the local wifi cafe seem to be working just fine tonight. The Ajijic Artist Way had a three week break over the holidays and reconvened on January 9th with a very interesting theme, Resiliency. The book had many interesting divining rods that led to a lots of great discussions and a lot of laughs. We discussed the plans for the remaining five themes and I offered the group a chance to be guest facilitator. Julie Mignard accepted the invitation and will be the leader for the theme of Safety.

We also discussed the upcoming Ajijic Society of the Arts on February 9th and 10th when six talented artists will display and sell their work from 10 a.m. To 4 p.m.. Some of the pieces are now on the walls and display shelves and there will be a champagne opening the night before the Open Studio weekend from 5 to 8 p.m. On February 8 th. And people can also stick around to hear the music from the Number Four Restaurante right next door which generally starts around 8 ish. The opening is open to invited guests and of course my neighbours!

Participants in La Luna Azul Salon
Carolina Beck
Ella Fournier
Julie Mignard
Colleen Huntress
Jan Manning
Joanne Babiak

A colour ad will be appearing in the Guadalajara Reporter on Saturday, February 2nd.

Artist Date in San Miquel de Allende

Now that I m installed at the basic but clean Alcatraz Hostel and have the room/dormatorio to myself I can get a copy of the weekly paper, Attencion and map out my week. Because of the size of the city there are lots and lots of things to do and I know already that this place warrants a return visit perhaps as soon as the Writers Festival in February. Last year I know that Margaret Atwood was here in Mexico. She is a famous Canadian writer who has written many bestsellers and at least one of them, The Handmaidens Tale was made into a rather dubious movie.

One thing that Ive immediately noted is how easy it is to walk around Centro as here there are FLAGSTONE streets not cobblestone one, a big, big difference. And the sidewalks are also flagstone and a fairly two person across width which means that I can actually look around the hood as Im walking around instead of watching my feet and being on the constant lookout for perils. A nice change to be sure.

As I was mysteriously unable to update daily with my IPad Ill just post a top ten list of my SMA visit and carry on from there as we look forward to the second half of Finding Water starting on Wednesday, January 9th at noon.

So heres my Top Ten List of Sights/Sounds/Events of my ten day Artist Date in SMA

1. Open House Tour of three spectacularly unique residences
2. Walking Tour of Centro ending up at Hanks, a New Orleans Restaurante that served us beignets and excellent coffee
3. Christmas Eve at one of the Catholic Churches in Centro observing the Mexican families bring their baby Jesus dolls to the altar to be blessed and at the end fo the evening service they retrieved them and took them home to place in the family naciemento/nativity
4. Cafe Naranja, a wifi cafe that has simply THE best double breakfast burritos on either side of the border!
5. Cafe Juan on Relox Street that has a fabuloso selection of pirated movies and t.v. shows. I was able to catch up on Season Five of Breaking Bad and the final Season 8 of Weeds. Yes, due to the heavy rains in Ajijic people cancelled out for a fiesta on my mirador on NYE and I spent the last evening of the year with the Botwins….sigh…
6. Christ Fer Gallery where I did a painting in a day for only 750 pesos and also learned a new technique that I can use again on other pieces.
7. Time spend at Arthur Murrays Dance Studio no less whos bar at the back sponsors a drop in happy hour for Social Misfits. Seriously, this is how it is advertised in the newspaper. Anyway, the company was interesting and there were two for one bebidas y gratis botanas. My new favourite cerveza is Victoria, dont you kbow….
8. Discovered two absolutely unique shops. One sold called Casa Corazon which featured hearts and more hearts floor to ceiling in three complete rooms and one that showcased what you can do with Mexican oilcloth
9. My first pair of SMA shoes made right there and oh so comfortable and oh so many styles to choose from!
10. Found out that my low functional command of the Spanish language served me quite well day to day AND also telling the Tonala taxi driver exactly where I lived in Ajijic since he was not familiar with the Lakeside area. And for only 400 pesos! Excellent!

A very Happy New Year to one and all and especially to the Ajijic Artist Way Tribe! See you all back at 2A Donato Guerra next Wednesday, January 9th for Week Seven!