A Fabuloso Time Was Had By All!

Wowza! The whole weekend was a smash success starting with the Champagne Opening which had about 75 to 80 people at some point in attendance quaffing their way through nine, yes nine bottles of champagne. Good idea, Julie to get a case. Two days later after the throngs subsided and we had visitors right to the last minute before 4 p.m. four out of the six artists represented raised a half glass of champagne to toast the first ever La Luna Azul Arte Salon Open Studio!

Ella Fournier and Jan Manning were our golden girls chalking up the most sales but everyone in attendance got lots of positive feedback about our work and about how all the work was displayed in the hallway, el bano, the bedroom, the living room, kitchen and yes even the mirador and outside hanging from ventanas! We had every possible wall surface, easel and furniture surface displaying our wide variety of eclectic artwork ranging from 5 pesos for a mixed media matchbox to 12,000 pesos for Julie Mignards muy grande abstract canvases that were in and outside the apartment and mirador.

Many thanks to local troubador, Alfonso Nava who serenaded us and the whole neighbourhood for that matter with his fine renditions of new and old ballads. I took a few pictures of him perched on the ledge of my balcony which I will have to upload when I return as my beloved IPad Blanco was shockingly snatched right out of my hands at 9 30 p.m. last Thursday.

Regretably, I did not have the pictures and videos uploaded to ICloud so only the pictures emailed and posted here and Facebook are recoverable. I believe in the balance of karma so KNOW that no good will come to the hoodlum who brazenly stole my IPad and ran out the door of Toms Bar. Two bar patrons gave chase and one of my neighbours on Constitucion was able to write down the licence plate number and call it in to the policia. I know its gone forever but….And of course, it is not the IPad per se that is most important but my pictures and videos that are now only uploaded to my memory and heart.


Artist Statement of Joanne Babiak, AW Facilitator

It was my intention upon reutrning to Ajijic for my second winter to offer to facilitate Julie Camerons third book, Finding Water to the Lakeside artistic community and establish a creative cluster on Donnato Guerra Calle in Ajijic. I also wished to establish a temporary arte salon to serve as a drop in studio and later as a multimedia space for the Ajijic Society of the Arts Second Annual Open Studio Tour for six talented artists!

Viva Jan Manning, Carolina Beck, Julie Minard, Ella Fournier, Colleen Huntress and JB!

Artist Statement of Carolina Beck

If there is one word to best describe the work of Carolina Beck it would be Eclectic. Her body of work includes collage, drawings, etchings, monoprints, relief prints, pottery, sculpture in various materials and paintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil. Her eclectic approach in mediums, content and expression is a strength which ensures a constant stretching and growing and provides a rich diversity for both artist and viewer.

Carolina believes that being artistic is not an inaccessible talent that only special people have, but a universal creative ability that everyone possesses if they choose to nurture it.  Her interests are in learning to see as an artist, expanding her perceptions, beign willing to sift and sort out visual material and ideas, keeping the fun in the process and exploring the connections between art and spirituality.

Artist Statement of Ella Fournier

Much of the inspiraton for mywork comes from the people here in Mexico, especialy when they are dressed in their colorful lcostumes, rebozos and dance dresses. I also lke to use gardens and flowers as the subject of my artwork. Most of my paintings are from my own photographs that I take at local events, parades and people watching on the square in Ajijic. For my drawings I use a variety of graphite (mechanical pencils) on smooth paper and my paintings are generally on canvas or board.

Artist Statement of Colleen Huntress

After retiring from a career in Interiour Design six years ago I discovered watercolour painting. I loved the fulidity of the paint and water, the wide range of techniques and was fascinated by an art form where accidents were, much of the time, a good thing! I enjoyed painting for about two years and then life got in the way.

Four years later, I find myself living in colour saturated Mexico and seeing paintings everywhere I look. I have started painting as a beginner…again, trying to get my passion for colour and design translated to paint and water on paper. At seventy plus I have finally discovered what I want to be when I grow up!

Artist Statement of Jan Manning

I discovered polymer clay in the 1980s and was immediately taken with its colorfulness, versatility and ease of use. There were not many resources in those days to learn from so I experimented and discovered in my own way. I am still totally self taught, except for all the books published now and information available on the internet.

My process is very fluid. I rarely start with a drawing or finished product in mind. The medium leads me where it wants to go and the process is often magical. Sometimes, I have started on a necklace, only to have it turn into a vase, or a pendant tells me it wants to be a button. I am constantly surprised by happy accidents. and sometimes dismayed with the finished project. All are good learning opportunities. I love creating texture, new colors, and combinations of colours

I am inspired by almost everything around me…nature, a colorful door, a piece of upholstery, a photograph, almost everything I see. Since the beginnings of its popularity, polymer clay has grown with new brands coming out some formulated specifically for artists, new colours, which always resonate deeply with me, new compolementary products and many, many new discoveries of its myriad possibilities. Polymer clay enthusiasts have made it to the mainstream of artists all over the world.