All Comments Approved…

Hello from Canada, I’m up late updating the Nanaimo Artist Way blog and noticed that as administrator well co administrator I had to approve the pending comments to have them posted so I have and all six are now approved and appear on the blog for what it’s worth. I’ve been back for six weeks and there are a great many things I truly miss about not being in Ajijic, Mexico for sure. I know that Easter is a very big event and I only got to see a posted video of the parade in Chapala for example. Close but no cigar…it looked amazing. I also really miss the vibrancy and colour of Mexico as well. From Centro Ajijic to the ‘burbs is a radical adjustment! No bottle rockets here is the upside, the downside is you don’t know or even hardly talk to your neighbours in the crescent where I live and conspicuous consumption is readily apparent as all the houses here have at least a one car garage but most have two car but the garages are filled with stuff and the vehicles are outside. And many people live in huge multi level homes not with their extended family but just their partner/spouse and probably a dog or two or three. My landlords just have a geriatric cat which is quite unusual actually for this neighbourhood.

But life does go on…obla di obla da and I’m back and have once again found my Artist Way tribe and this amazing group of 12 phenomenal women and I are journeying through the second book, Walking in the World. I envisioned 12, set up for 12 and this is exactly how many showed up. The Law of Attraction in action, I would say!

Buenas noches from NOB from the beautiful Harbour City of Nanaimo!  I miss you all…truly!


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