Artist Date

For me this is always the most fun and interesting and easy to do with or without money but I don’t mind doing things on my own and in fact I have travelled worldwide on my own about half the time and the other time with the ‘boyfriend du jour.’ It was actually my ex’s idea to go to Ajijc in the Lake Chapala Area south of Guadalajara but we split up shortly thereafter and a month later I bought a ticket to Guadalajara and went anyway for four months and had a superb time. In fact I had such a wonderful winter in the Mexican sunshine that I booked an apartment for five months this year and next winter will be the full six months less a day…SOB/south of the border.

Julia is often asked if they can do the Artist Date with a friend, husband, partner whoever and the answer is a resounding NO. And if you do your artist day to the same location with and without you will understand why. The Artist Way encourages us to be fully present in our lives and our experiences and when we are filling our creative ‘wells’ this is done best solo.

When I attended a street art fair I walked through the three blocks both ways; once on my own and once with friends and I enjoyed the event both ways but the experience was different. On my own I interacted more with the artists displaying their work, walked through slower, stopped and had a snack and a drink using my Spanish. I still noticed different works of art or commented to my friends on something I had seen earlier but my main objective was socializing not really seeing all the pieces individually and collectively and asking the artists questions etc. So try YOUR artist date both ways with and without a companion to find this out for yourself.

As a new arrived resident in Nanaimo I look forward to you all sharing your favourite insider locations for fabuloso artist dates!  I will add to this posting by making a list to expand our repertoire…


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