Artist Walk

Since I’ve been back I’ve done a lot of walking because I only insure my car for six months so tomorrow, April 15th is the big day! Since there is no bus into this neighbourhood I’ve been mostly catching a ride into the nearest shopping area where there is a bus and then walking home to my patio suite in the ‘burbs.’ On sunny days it’s been great and I’m used to walking around the village. But the view is certainly different. Every walk in Ajijic turned up something interesting; sights or sounds or events or people. Walking back to the burbs is fairly uneventful and there s not much to see but I’ve gathered a few interesting found items that I will do something with later on. I also found a Starbucks card with money still on it so the universe dispenses it s endless abundance in many mysterious ways!

Again the artist walk is a solo walk without any music or cel phone distractions and the objective is to be very, very present in your surroundings. Because everyone has a dog in Mexico most people in my group there took their dog for a walk for their artist walk. Not being a dog person I’m sure this is all right if your dog is not too needy and distracting. Naturally like all things on the path of the Artist Way it’s entirely up to you! I’ve only had cats as pets and they look quite funny on a leash and won’t go where you want anyway so this has not been a factor with me.

You can drive to a park or other walkable place either in the city or in nature or you can walk around the neighbourhood you’ve only driven into and out. And from what I’ve seen other than the dog walkers the sidewalks don’t really get used that much here in the ‘burbs.’ When I was growing up the sidewalks took you to your friends house, it’s where you played hopscotch or other games and a place where it was okay to write on with chalk because it wasn’t permanent. It was also where you set up your lemonade stand to sell to passersby. Well, a kid in this ‘hood who did this would only have ONE customer…me!

A once a week Artist Walk is certainly doable so tie on those walking shoes and venture out into new or familiar frontiers near or far!


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