Adventure Part Two…

Another fabuloso session and each week the time goes faster and faster. Naturally love this week’s theme and could probably easily do 12 weeks just discussing past adventure, current adventures and of course waxing at length about future adventures.  We use Phyllis’s beautiful deck of cards called Maps which is perfect for this particular theme.


48 Hour Challenge

Remember to think about the Adventure Challenge I left you all with last week. IF you had just 48 hours to go absolutely ANYWHERE in the world on your own for only 48 Hours without any consideration or barrier of money, logistics of travel or arranging for things at home. Just imagine ALL of that disappearing and poof!  The genie grants you this one special wish for only 48 hours so do think about making the very best use of it.

In our NEW sketchbooks (and of course if you have your own please bring it) we will start tomorrow by sketching this private 48 hour world…. and if you want to put a new/another wish of wishes in the magical wish box please do so!